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In 2020, TV and film still couldn't get abortion right
2020 Dec 29
Hollywood continues to dramatically exaggerate the medical risks associated with abortion while downplaying barriers to access.
How to help dogs and cats manage separation anxiety when their humans return to work
2020 Dec 28
Alleviating separation anxiety is about changing the owner's behavior, too.
South Africa's inability to honestly confront AIDS shows the dangers of America's COVID-19 denialism
2020 Dec 22
In both countries, neglect and misinformation at the highest levels of government led to undue tragedy.
How holiday cards help us cope with a not-so-merry year, according to a professor of comedy
2020 Dec 22
A professor of comedy examines holiday cards in times of struggles. They aren't all sad.
Why the Puritans cracked down on celebrating Christmas
2020 Dec 17
It was less about their asceticism and more about rejecting the world they had fled.
Why being stuck at home – and unable to hang out in cafes and bars – drains our creativity
2020 Dec 16
By missing out on chance encounters and observations that jolt 'a-ha' moments, new ideas, big and small, go undiscovered.
Ancient Greek desire to resolve civil strife resonates today – but Athenian justice would be a 'bitter pill' in modern America
2020 Dec 15
Homer and Aeschylus turned to the divine to write their happy endings. But no gods are conspiring above the US, ready to swoop down and save humankind from itself.
More penises are appearing on TV and in film – but why are nearly all of them prosthetic?
2020 Oct 09
Directors and audiences are becoming more comfortable with male frontal nudity. But what message does it send when almost all of the penises shown aren't real?
Do sports teams’ sustainability efforts matter to fans?
2020 Oct 08
While the sports sector’s environmental impact is not fully understood, it has a social platform and reach to influence a significant number of people worldwide to choose more sustainable behaviors.
Schadenfreude over Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis was more about cosmic justice than joy in another’s pain
2020 Oct 14
Some have equated the German word with small-minded cruelty. But the word's meaning is more nuanced.
3 ways to get your point across while wearing a mask – tips from an award-winning speech coach
2020 Oct 13
In the age of masks, improve your interactions by using all aspects of human communication.
Yes, more and more young adults are living with their parents – but is that necessarily bad?
2020 Oct 13
The U.S. was an outlier in the 20th century. It’s been typical throughout human history, and even today, it’s common practice in most of the world.
What the rise of digital handouts on Venmo and Cash App says about our fraying social safety net
2020 Oct 22
The internet ushered in new ways of raising money, particularly with the rise of crowdfunding. But making appeals for cash on social media represents an entirely different phenomenon.
Writing the "Isolation Rag" – a composer reflects on his experience making music during a pandemic
2020 Oct 22
A composer and performer talks about the impact of the pandemic on classical music performances and his experience composing in isolation.
How baseball's first commissioner led a conspiracy of silence to preserve baseball's color line
2020 Oct 16
By removing Kenesaw Mountain Landis' name from the plaques awarded to each league's MVP, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America acknowledged Landis' role in upholding segregation.
From Trump to Trudeau, the escalator is a favorite symbol of political campaigns
2020 Oct 30
Candidates from both the right and the left use the escalator as a metaphor for the economic perils – and perks – of upward social mobility.
Rumors of Chris Pratt's being a 'MAGA Bro' show how Twitter's trending function can go haywire
2020 Oct 29
False premises, fear-based reasoning and mob thinking are baked into the platform, allowing misinformation to thrive.
Fox News viewers write about 'BLM' the same way CNN viewers write about 'KKK'
2020 Oct 28
Using machine learning to study over 85 million YouTube comments, a research team has, for the first time, identified linguistic differences among cable news viewers.
3 things I learned from teaching students about horror pioneer George Romero's movies during these scary times
2020 Oct 28
Now that the whole world is echoing Romero's films, everyone can learn from his legacy.
Only the richest ancient Athenians paid taxes – and they bragged about it
2020 Nov 03
In ancient Athens, the richest people paid taxes to support what the residents considered the salvation of the city. These taxes earned them social and political clout more valuable than money.
On screen and on stage, disability continues to be depicted in outdated, cliched ways
2020 Nov 02
Despite recent social movements that have garnered greater inclusivity in the arts, disabled actors are still waiting for their moment in the spotlight.
100 years ago, the first commercial radio broadcast announced the results of the 1920 election – politics would never be the same
2020 Oct 30
For centuries, people largely read politicians' words. But with the advent of radio, the ability of politicians to engage and entertain became crucial components of their candidacies.
Why it's important to see women as capable ... of terrible atrocities
2020 Nov 20
Women continue to be stereotyped as passive and meek. For this reason, international courts often let women war criminals off the hook.
The complicated origin of the expression 'peanut gallery'
2020 Nov 09
Remember the 'peanut gallery' from the 'Howdy Doody' show? That term, like many others we commonly use, has surprisingly controversial origins.
Will there be a monument to the COVID-19 pandemic?
2020 Nov 25
Although memorials to past pandemics are not as prolific as war memorials, they do exist. A scholar of visual culture provides a brief history of monuments around the world.
In the 1620s, Plymouth Plantation had its own #MeToo moment
2020 Nov 23
An ex-minister named John Lyford arrived at the nascent colony hoping for a fresh start. But he couldn't escape his past.
The rise and fall of Tab – after surviving the sweetener scares, the iconic diet soda gets canned
2020 Nov 23
Tab was Coca-Cola's first foray into the diet soda market. Though the brand went on to build and maintain a legion of devoted fans, its days are numbered.
As the pandemic rages, the US could use a little bit more 'samfundssind'
2020 Dec 04
The word, which roughly translates to considering the needs of society above your own, has become a buzzword in Denmark.
The chattering classes got the 'Hillbilly Elegy' book wrong – and they're getting the movie wrong, too
2020 Dec 03
A stark divide in the response to the film suggests a deep disconnect between media elites and the rest of the country.
NCAA amateurism appears immune to COVID-19 – despite tide in public support for paying athletes having turned
2020 Nov 30
Someone's race, however, seems to be a factor in whether they support college athletes’ economic rights.
In 'The Queen's Gambit' and beyond, chess holds up a mirror to life
2020 Dec 08
Ever since players tweaked the game to reflect the medieval social order, poets and writers have used chess as an allegory for love, duty, conflict and accomplishment.
America's hidden world of handmade pornography
2020 Dec 10
One scholar spent a decade studying the ways everyday people drew, carved, glued, sewed and baked their own pornography.
A brief history of black names, from Perlie to Latasha
2020 Jan 23
A scholar disproves the long-held assumption that black names are a recent phenomenon.
How Minneapolis made Prince
2020 Jan 27
Prince was a musical genius, but he didn't come of age in a vacuum. A human geographer explains how Minneapolis' unique musical culture nurtured and inspired the budding star.
Hate cancel culture? Blame algorithms
2020 Jan 28
Algorithmic forces fuel cancel culture. Paradoxically, they're also used to rehabilitate those who have been canceled.
The meme endorsement you might have missed – and why it matters for 2020
2020 Jan 29
Much was made of The New York Times' dual endorsement of Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. But four days prior, a hugely popular Facebook meme group threw its support behind Bernie Sanders.
Why losing Kobe Bryant felt like losing a relative or friend
2020 Jan 31
A social psychologist explains how you can be so deeply affected by the death of someone you've never met.
Why Italian cinema is starting to glamorize the mafia
2020 Jan 31
Italian filmmakers are starting to take a page from their American counterparts.
Do authors really put deeper meaning into poems and stories – or do readers make it up?
2020 Feb 03
Authors sometimes put deeper meanings into their stories, but really, it's the reader who decides.
'American Dirt' fiasco exposes publishing industry that's too consolidated, too white and too selective
2020 Feb 05
Publishers funnel massive amounts of resources into promoting titles that they think will become bestsellers. But they've become spellbound by 'stories of struggle' that can succumb to stereotypes.
The secret to the success of two Oscar-nominated scores
2020 Feb 06
In 'Joker' and 'Marriage Story,' sometimes the absence of sound can pack as much of a punch as dramatic music.
The dystopian experience of skiing in New Jersey's new American Dream mall
2020 Feb 07
Skiing in a mall is bizarre enough. But a mall dubbed the 'American Dream' – when malls are vanishing, along with the postwar vision of the American Dream – is its own brand of eerie dissonance.
How Iran's millennials are grappling with crippling US sanctions
2020 Feb 10
Despite what you might see on the news, many of Iran's young people are far from rebellious. Instead, they have dealt with dwindling job prospects by conforming to a strict code of morality.
Galentine's Day has become a thing – why hasn't Malentine's Day?
2020 Feb 13
Men seem less comfortable celebrating their friendships – to their own detriment.
Why so many architects are angered by 'Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again'
2020 Feb 12
Federal building guidelines say that 'development of an official style must be avoided' – which is exactly what a leaked executive order is trying to do.
On the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues, a look back at what was lost
2020 Feb 13
While segregation was a shameful period in baseball history, the Negro Leagues were a resounding success and an immense source of pride for black America.
Restoring the reputations of charities after scandals
2020 Feb 13
Save the Children's reputation appeared to bounce back faster than Oxfam's after public perception of both groups soured around the same time.
America’s postwar fling with romance comics
2020 Feb 13
During the 'love glut,' roughly 1 in 5 of all comic books were romance comics, as publishers scrambled to appease readers' appetites for scandalous storylines.
Craigslist turns 25 – a reminder that a more democratic version of the internet can still thrive
2020 Feb 19
Remember when websites didn't rely on user data for profit margins, when values like anonymity and transparency were celebrated?
What makes something ironic?
2020 Feb 20
Irony is a slippery concept. Sometimes it's used in speech, other times it's used to describe a situation – oh, and it can also characterize an attitude. Is its versatility its downfall?
Why some of the best-known tunes, like 'Happy Birthday,' are the hardest to sing
2020 Feb 24
Penn State researchers who call themselves the 'Happy Birthday Club' suggest that we shouldn’t make judgments about our singing abilities based on familiar tunes that happen to be really hard.
Girls are reaching new heights in basketball, but huge pay gaps await them as professionals
2020 Feb 25
Before a helicopter crash brought about their tragic deaths, Kobe Bryant's daughter Gianna aspired to carry on his legacy as a pro basketball champion.
The surprising source of Ansel Adams’ signature style
2020 Feb 25
Largely self-taught, Adams learned to harness the communicative power of photography during his years as a marketing photographer.
Why does Swiss cheese have holes?
2020 Feb 27
When the holes – also called ‘eyes’ – don’t appear in a batch, cheesemakers say the cheese is 'blind.'
A brief history of invisibility on screen
2020 Feb 29
Invisibility has been used to indulge fantasies of good and evil, level social critiques or warn of the dangers of power in the wrong hands.
Why do Americans say 'bay-zle' and the English say 'baa-zle'?
2020 Mar 02
Accents differ depending on where we're from, even in the same country.
Even after blocking an ex on Facebook, the platform promotes painful reminders
2020 Mar 03
Facebook's algorithms are designed to encourage reminiscence and reconnection. But in the wake of a breakup, we don't always want those things.
NPR is still expanding the range of what authority sounds like after 50 years
2019 Dec 29
From the beginning, National Public Radio vowed that it would speak with 'many voices.'
How much credit should corporations get for the advancement of LGBTQ rights?
2019 Dec 29
In an interview, law professor Carlos Ball explains how gay rights activists and corporations went from adversaries to partners. But would the alliance have happened if it had hurt the bottom line?
3 internet language trends from 2019, explained
2019 Dec 29
As the year winds down, we'll get you up to speed. Plus, there's no better way to kill a trend than to bring it up at the dinner table in front of your kids.
The real midlife crisis confronting many Americans
2019 Jul 19
What was once imagined as a time of exploration and reinvention has become marked by financial and emotional strain.
Exploring the data on Hollywood's gender pay gap
2019 Dec 29
A new analysis of over 400 actors shows that gender discrimination plays a major role in Hollywood salaries.
Nonprofits that empower leaders of color are more apt to do something about racial inequality
2019 Dec 29
Leaders like Ford Foundation President Darren Walker are the exception.
How Crisco toppled lard – and made Americans believers in industrial food
2019 Dec 29
Crisco's main ingredient, cottonseed oil, had a bad rap. So marketers decided to focus on the 'purity' of factory food processing – a successful strategy that other brands would mimic.
The dangers of depicting Greta Thunberg as a prophet
2019 Dec 29
Some have started to frame Thunberg's activism in messianistic terms – and this can serve as fodder for climate deniers.
‘Richard Jewell’ is only the latest film to depict a female journalist trading sex for scoops
2019 Dec 29
The persistence of this trope might say something about the barriers women in media continue to face.
Like 'Little Women,' books by Zitkála-Šá and Taha Hussein are classics
2019 Dec 29
Reading books from people with diverse backgrounds is good for kids.
'The Farewell' highlights tough conversations families face when confronted with death
2019 Jul 19
While 92% of adults feel that talking with their loved ones about end-of-life care is important, only 32% have actually done so.
How old would you want to be in heaven?
2019 Dec 29
Our dreams of the afterlife need to challenge the idea that only the appearance of youth is worthy.
From their balloons, the first aeronauts transformed our view of the world
2019 Dec 29
Not so long ago, people had no idea what would happen to them – and what they would see – once they ascended into the clouds.
How toys became gendered – and why it’ll take more than a gender-neutral doll to change how boys perceive femininity
2019 Dec 29
Mattel created a new line of dolls because of research suggesting kids don't want toys 'dictated by gender norms' – but supplanting those norms will take a lot more than that.
Thousands of recently discovered photographs document life in Uganda during Idi Amin's reign
2019 Jul 19
Hidden for decades in a vault at the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, the photographs depict a regime fixated on establishing order, meting out punishment and stoking nationalism.
Italy’s minimal competition to host the 2026 Winter Olympics
2019 Jul 19
As the cost of holding the Winter Games rises, local taxpayers around the globe are losing interest in hosting the event.
The civil rights activist so close to Martin Luther King Jr. she was thought of as his 'other wife'
2019 Jul 19
Dorothy Cotton never publicly spoke about her intimate relationship with King. But no woman – not even King's wife – was closer to the civil rights icon during the last years of his life.
Corporate boards are supposed to oversee companies but often turn a blind eye
2019 Jul 19
The consequences for board members of corporations found to violate the law and ethical norms are rare and usually minor.
How the New York media covered the Stonewall riots
2019 Jul 19
With major dailies giving a megaphone to the police, the coverage of Stonewall is a reminder of what's lost when alternative media outlets wither away.
When America had an open prison – the story of Kenyon Scudder and his 'prison without walls'
2019 Jul 19
Scudder's approach was grounded in trust and mutual respect. There would be no guards, no weapons, no walls and no uniforms.
'I still get tweets to go back in the kitchen' – the enduring power of sexism in sports media
2019 Jul 19
Female athletes barely receive more attention than horses and dogs. And if you're a woman who wants to become a sports journalist, you should steel yourself for some social media venom.
'The Mandela Effect' is the perfect film for our age of distrust and doubt
2019 Dec 29
Real-life adherents to the Mandela Effect veer into conspiratorial thinking. But they do hit on an important truth: Our understanding of history is malleable.
Spinster, old maid or self-partnered – why words for single women have changed through time
2019 Dec 29
Attitudes toward single women have repeatedly shifted – and part of that attitude shift is reflected in the names given to unwed women.
'The Wall' cemented Pink Floyd's fame – but destroyed the band
2019 Dec 29
The story of the album, which was released 40 years ago, is a classic tale of how bands struggle with unchecked egos and competing visions.
What to do with those Thanksgiving leftovers? Look to the French
2019 Dec 29
It doesn't have to be a week of tiresome turkey sandwiches. A food historian explains how the French came to see leftovers as an outlet for creativity and experimentation.
Jimmy Hoffa disappeared – and then his legacy took on a life of its own
2019 Dec 29
Hoffa's ghost continues to haunt the labor movement.
23% of young black women now identify as bisexual
2019 Jul 19
According to the General Social Survey, the percentage of men and women who identify as gay or lesbian has held firm. But the share of women who say they're bisexual has skyrocketed.
How the 'good guy with a gun' became a deadly American fantasy
2019 Jul 19
The archetype can be traced back to 1920s detective fiction, when gruff, gun-toting, cigarette-smoking mavericks became heroic figures.
How 'America's Got Talent' contestant Kodi Lee shattered stereotypes about disability
2019 Jul 19
Lee, who is blind and autistic, upended the assumption, held by many, that people with disabilities lack rich interior lives.
The war on women coaches
2019 Jul 19
Why do female college coaches seem to be held to a different standard than their male counterparts?
I'm an MLK scholar – and I'll never be able to view King in the same light
2019 Jul 19
King was once thought of as a saint beyond reproach. It eventually emerged that he was a womanizer. But we now have to ask the unthinkable: Did King enable abuse?
Why fewer and fewer Americans are getting divorced
2019 Jul 19
The US divorce rate has fallen steadily over the last 30 or 40 years. It's likely because young adults are taking more time to decide to marry.
We're in a golden age of black horror films
2019 Jul 19
For decades, black characters in horror movies were objects of ridicule, died first or played evil Voodoo practitioners. But now we're seeing a wave of films created by blacks and starring blacks.
When de-aging De Niro and Pacino, 'Irishman' animators tried to avoid pitfalls of the past
2019 Dec 29
For decades, animators have attempted to recreate realistic human faces without entering what's called the 'uncanny valley.'
Was that joke funny or offensive? Who's telling it matters
2019 Dec 29
A new study highlights the importance of the 'intergroup sensitivity effect' in comedy, which gives people license to tell certain jokes, but not others.
Local news outlets can fill the media trust gap – but the public needs to pony up
2019 Dec 29
Americans truly value local news. But 71% think that their local news outlets are doing just fine financially – which might explain why only 14% paid for a local news source in the past year.
Why do teachers make us read old stories?
2019 Dec 29
Stories like 'Romeo and Juliet,' 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and 'Jane Eyre' are still relevant today.
Do we actually grow from adversity?
2019 Dec 29
We like to think there's a silver lining to tragedy – and this may be influencing both how studies on post-traumatic growth are constructed and how subjects are responding.
The battle between NBC and CBS to be the first to film a Berlin Wall tunnel escape
2019 Dec 29
A media historian uses declassified government documents to show how both sides of the Iron Curtain worked to have the projects canned.
The forgotten mass destruction of Jewish homes during 'Kristallnacht'
2019 Dec 29
Most histories highlight the shattered storefronts and synagogues set aflame. But it was the systematic ransacking of Jewish homes that extracted the greatest toll.
WTF? Slurs offend young adults more than swearing
2019 Dec 29
A cognitive scientist observes that the words that bother college-age Americans today can cause harm.
Caster Semenya's impossible situation: Testosterone gets special scrutiny but doesn't necessarily make her faster
2019 May 22
Sports are segregated by sex. But what happens when athletes don't fit neatly into sport's definition of gender?
Will Netflix eventually monetize its user data?
2019 May 22
Something about Netflix's business model just doesn't add up – unless you look at the streaming service as a massive data collection company.
A comedian who played a president on TV just became Ukraine's president
2019 May 22
What will the decisive outcome mean for Ukraine's relationship with Russian and the West?
In Notre Dame fire, echoes of the 1837 blaze that destroyed Russia's Winter Palace
2019 May 22
After the building that symbolized 'all that is Russian' went up in flames, the czar scrambled to restore it to its former glory.
Marijuana legalization – a rare issue where women are more conservative than men
2019 May 22
Could mothers be responsible for the gender gap? Or are other factors at play?
A happy ending for 'Game of Thrones'? No thanks
2019 May 22
The vast majority of stories told in movies, in books and on television conclude with happy endings – and this has real-world political consequences.
The pitfalls of the narcissistic NBA player
2019 May 22
A group of researchers figured out which NBA teams featured the most egotistical players, and then tracked their performances over the course of a season.
An analysis of nearly 4 million pitches shows just how many mistakes umpires make
2019 May 22
Umpires don't need to be replaced by robots, but some troubling findings indicate that they could use a little help.
What your ability to engage with stories says about your real-life relationships
2019 May 22
According to a new study, those who have a tendency to sabotage their relationships may find solace in the fictional worlds of TV and movies.
Why Congress needs to empower the IRS to give nonprofit newspapers a green light
2019 May 22
The health of American democracy could be at stake.
Political cartoonists are out of touch – it's time to make way for memes
2019 May 22
With sharp political commentary just as likely to be found on Tumblr as in the pages of the Times, why aren’t the best internet memes being published in the nation's top periodicals?
We’re just beginning to grasp the toll of the Islamic State's archaeological looting in Syria
2019 May 22
According to a new study, a small portion of a site can yield thousands of objects, adding up to millions of dollars.
Activists want a San Francisco high school mural removed, saying its impact today should overshadow the artist's intentions
2019 May 22
'The Life of Washington' was painted in the 1930s by an artist who sought to upend a rosy narrative of US history. Now some are saying its images 'traumatize' viewers – and ought to be taken down.
Misery and memory in Glendora, Mississippi: How poverty is reshaping the story of Emmett Till's murder
2019 May 22
Scholars continue to debate what, exactly, happened to Emmett Till the morning of his murder. But that hasn't stopped a poor Mississippi community from trying to profit off one version of the story.
The forgotten history of segregated swimming pools and amusement parks
2019 Jul 19
Municipal swimming pools flourished in the 20th century. But too often, their success was based on the exclusion of African Americans.
How indigenous women revolutionized Bolivian wrestling
2019 Jul 19
The more they fight, the more popular they become – and the more pushback they receive.
Why it matters that more athletes are talking about their mental health
2019 Jul 19
Because professional athletes are thought to be paragons of physical and mental toughness, their psychological health has long been a taboo topic. That's starting to change.
Liberals and conservatives have wildly different TV-viewing habits – but these 5 shows bring everyone together
2019 Jul 19
The programs that Americans of all political stripes like to watch seem to be united by a common theme.
How the Volkswagen Beetle sparked America's art car movement
2019 Jul 19
When the Beetle was first introduced, Americans had never seen anything like it. Among art car enthusiasts, it became the ideal canvas for self-expression.
Did we mishear Neil Armstrong's famous first words on the Moon?
2019 Jul 19
Armstrong always insisted that he said, 'That’s one small step for a man.' Yet everyone omits the 'a' when they repeat the quote. A linguist tries to get to the bottom of what happened.
Long before Armstrong and Aldrin, artists were stoking dreams of space travel
2019 Jul 19
While the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing is an opportunity to celebrate a remarkable technological achievement, it's worth reflecting upon the creative vision that made it possible.
A booming international movie market is transforming Hollywood
2019 Jul 19
Studios are starting to realize that diverse casts and diverse stories have a massive earning potential.
How much power can one image actually have?
2019 Jul 19
A photo of a drowned father and his 23-month-old daughter at the US-Mexico border has prompted horror and outrage on social media. Can it spur aid for migrants?
Americans might love Cinco de Mayo, but few know what they're celebrating
2019 May 22
The holiday honors a 19th-century battle between the French and the Mexican armies that, strangely enough, may have influenced the outcome of the US Civil War.
The Kentucky Derby has a secret Latino history
2019 May 22
Many immigrants come to the United States chasing the 'American dream.' So do immigrant racehorses, who literally carry the hopes of their trainers and riders on their backs.
A 'coup des gens' is underway – and we're increasingly living under the regime of the algorithm
2019 May 22
How did we become so submissive to a condition of constant surveillance that – except in spy movies or paranoid delusions – would have been considered preposterous a few decades ago?
Can James Holzhauer be stopped? A former 'Jeopardy!' champion weighs in
2019 May 22
There have been 'Jeopardy!' greats who can easily answer all the questions, who have mastered the buzzer and who bet big on the Daily Doubles. But Holzhauer possesses an unprecedented level of daring.
How air guitar became a serious sport
2019 May 22
An ethnomusicologist traces the origins of the practice, from early 20th century 'air conductors' to Joe Cocker's air riffing at Woodstock to the rise of international competitions.
A quest to reconstruct Baltimore's American Indian 'reservation'
2019 May 22
A folklorist is working to preserve the history of a unique, urban community of Lumbee Indians.
How 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' inspired the cathedral's 19th-century revival
2019 May 22
Looking nostalgically to the past, a young architect sought to revive the building as a bulwark to the uncertainty of the Industrial Revolution.
For the 'political-infotainment-media complex,' the Mueller investigation was a gold mine
2019 May 22
For the rest of us, it's another sign of the country's eroding media and political landscape.
Did a censored female writer inspire Hemingway's famous style?
2019 May 22
Ellen N. La Motte's 'The Backwash of War' was praised for its clear-eyed portrayal of war, but was swiftly banned. Yet the similarities between her spare prose and Hemingway's are unmistakable.
Data reveals the value of an assist in basketball
2019 May 22
Why are three-pointer shots from the corner more efficient than the ones above the break? The answer: More than 90 percent of corner three-point shots are assisted.
Fending off new Sackler money is easier for museums and schools than returning old gifts
2019 May 22
There are limits to what charities can do now about past donors who are accused of morally reprehensible behavior.